Swing sketch

The first naked party I attended was at a house on the corner across from this swing set. Colloquially known as the “Lizard House” after the three large reptiles crawling over its entrance, this house has a history of containing some real cool cats. My friend was subletting a room for the summer, and I had become good friends with the guys who lived there. The party was a real safe space and nothing sexual was happening in the main rooms. Later I went outside to smoke and talk, and someone burst out the front door asking if anyone had a condom please.

Near the end of the party the stragglers decided to go streaking outside. Just around the block, no problem. We heard cop sirens minutes after we had left, but a friendly neighbor cheered us on and we completed the circuit back to safety. I played a game of Go with one of the hosts and then went back home to work on my thesis.

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