Clock Tower sketch

(Just the tip of) Providence County Courhouse

A building designed to blend in with its surrounding architecture, the Georgian-styled Providence County Courthouse is ironically striking against the meager if charming skyline offered up by downtown Providence.

I often go to the Rock so I can enjoy drawing the magnificent view out of those windows on the second floor. This sketch shows my obsession with one particular denizen of that panorama. A day or so after making this I was admiring it with a loving if critical eye (vanity is my favorite sin), and I noticed a curious fact that had eluded me entirely when I finished it: the time I recorded is different from that shown by the clock! At first I thought I had unwittingly played a subtle joke, mostly on myself, but then I realized that the difference was a record of the time it took me to finish the drawing after doing that part: around 9 minutes.

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