I like to know trivial shit about people [real or imagined]

X: I believe you

me:  nice. i learned how to talk to people last year. it’s pretty crazy. it’s so different from the raw skill of language. i’ve never thought about that before. well i guess have, but not in so small a thought.

X:  all the social conventions and whatnot

me:  that too, but mostly just listening to people and asking them shit. and generally giving a shit about what people are saying.

X:  yeah that is also a social skill.

me: it’s so hard.

X: haha

me:  haha

X:  I guess that’s true
if people are boring

me:  they’re not really. or maybe it’s just that my mind just likes to know trivial shit about people. i guess that’s everyone to varying degrees. there’s like several forms of media built upon that premise

X:  hahaha
that’s really true

me:  we measure our relationships in part by how much trivial shit we know about each other

X:  that’s actually entirely how we measure them I think

me:  “holy crap i bother to remember the most random fact about you ie. your goddamn birthday, so there’s gotta be something here.” that’s so common it’s probably an evolved response.


me: do we not know each other’s birthdays?

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