Handbook for the Working Revolutionary (pt. 3)

I will say no more on this topic; instead, I want to talk about the second part of the book, which concerns itself with your chief concern: making the Revolution. You must become the change you wish to see in the world, and at least for a while — most likely as long as you live until you perish from the Cause — you will embody the dynamic, empowered, violent, ruthless, capricious primal man inside you that you have boxed away so long. You will outsmart, outfight, and ultimately outlive the enemy, because what you have on your side are precisely the qualities of free man that the enemy must never let become public knowledge. Instead of fermenting unspent, your will to succeed at all costs will grow and grow, and you will nurture it until its dominance is felt on every aspect of your life.

I will cover such basics as armed combat, survival in the wild, urban and jungle warfare, first aid, negotiation skills, guerrilla tactics, and most importantly the slow and steady process by which you will spread the Revolution. You will learn to live in the face of hostility from the vast majority of your fellow men — in fact, the very people who need your liberation the most will be your most visible foes. In every village and every town, in the streets of the city as in the outposts of the mountain, the common man will mistrust you far more than he mistrusts the enemy, and although in general your goal is to disabuse him of his misguided assumptions, sometimes — most times — you will have no option but to sacrifice him to collateral damage.

You will be ruthless. You will be fearless. Your strongest enemy is your own lack of willpower, and this is what we will concentrate our efforts on. Your decisions on the field will affect every man under your command, and every man who takes up arms against you whether it is ultimately in his best interest or not; whether you have sympathy for him or not, you will let nothing come in your way, least of all your hesitation to do harm to another human being. You will look in the mirror and not expect to recognize yourself. You will sacrifice your humanity so that others won’t have to. You will see your plain animal existence for what it is. You will value others’ lives as cheaply as you value as your own, because you will realize that change in the collective is more important than redemption in the individual.

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