Handbook for the Working Revolutionary (pt. 2)

But not far down the long road to revolution you will transition from man-like ant to a different creature. You will cease to live for yourself — but you never have anyway — and commence a life for the Cause. Your actions, formerly meaningless, will have the deepest repercussions, but you will find your paralyzing hesitations gone. Your motives, long dulled by your pain, will come sharply into focus. Your motions will be smooth and automatic. You will feel alive perhaps for the first time in your life, and the nature of the itch itself will change. You will be an individual endowed with the infinite powers of Man. This will be your first metamorphosis.

In the first part of this book I will attempt to guide your transition from man-like ant — a thinking being smothered by the horde — to ant-like man, a liberated individual living for the Cause. This will be your hardest uphill climb, and in your more advanced stages it will be your primary duty to liberate other like yourself from the suffocating cradle of society.

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