I worked on my story a little

And now for something completely different. I was doodling in class today (Mark probably noticed it), and I’m not even that good at doodling. Manvir doodles in class all the time, and look at the incredible shit he comes up with. It is not good to envy, but is it not good to compare oneself constantly?

So I decided to doodle in words; for this I am much better suited. How is it that nobody has suggested or spoken or written about this before? I cannot have been the first to give it a try. Perhaps it is too distracting, and hijacks too large a proportion of one’s verbal apparatus. In the service of idleness in class perhaps there are good reasons against it, but at the altar of creativity I will sacrifice once in a while (in other classes, not this) my fullest of attentions.

Here’s what I had today:

1. There are only a few combinations of men and women that can live together. possible first sentence of a story about 3 women and two men living in a house, unable to give up their senior housing group

2. Why is it that passions develop at these inopportune moments? a comedy sketch about awkward erections and the urge to sneeze in elevators and jerk off in public toilets

3. Mistakes were made. Actions were despicable, and intentions even more so. tensions develop during a camping trip with friends. a murder is covered up, and people find themselves living with consequences

4. Two of my friends have been taken now in circumstances obscure and uncertain. a modern-day pied piper-ish tale about a man jilted by society and The Man (who got him down), a man of unusual charm and personal magnetism who assembles his cult while living within society.

5. Only some of my regrets I would like to express here — story-in-a-suicide-note

Comments in italics were added after the fact, while creating this blog entry. I made them up out of thin air, fuck everyone.

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