Manifesto number 0

We have decided to put an end to the quirks of fate. We have only now begun to understand the complexities that now almost seem to betray us. We are at a loss for what to do. We are facing absurd dangers that even the bravest among us are ill-equipped to handle. But we have decided to put an end to the quirks of fate, we have tried tonight to gather a certain kind of individual that a firm belief within some of us compels us to approach. Some ants were here yesterday. A wasp has now been observed, only recently been observed, only recently have we noticed its tracks, only here are the signals, only now. A wasp with a special feather, a special nose and antennae of great hold over us. Why here, why now, why me, why AIDS, why people, obscurity, death, simple, over and old? Why the universe and the tick-tock smallness of each step in the Universe ever approaching? Three times have I told you and told her, I am a man of my own choosing and enjoyment, I am a man, am I even a human being and worrying for no reason at all? Three times and four times and once and for all.

Blah blah black bleep bloop and a tail, fire engine tail supreme and pizza. Three times and brown is the way to the station, if you turn left and wait for the crosswalk. Why isn’t a stand a thing in itself over and above any preconceptions a turtle of his base nature can imagine? I went fishing last week with only the naked-most of people.

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