V. Menuet I

I want to think about structure for a little bit. This is coming after a long period of trying to grok music, and trying to understand how human expectation works in art and communication.

In some sense, when I sit down to write, my problem is extremely broad. I can put any arrangement of symbols on this creativity -vessel that other human beings before me (I mean blank paper) have found very useful. I don’t quite know why I need to do this, but it stems from some very primitive urges I seem to feel. I feel some need in my gut, and it ties into my reward systems — but we digress. With these symbols I intend to encode some of my thoughts. I am in the business of the production of semantic artifacts.

Implicit in the production of most mainstream semantic artifacts is the existence of other human beings (or somehow “intelligent” systems) who consume these artifacts. I am not quite sure about this, I am sure I could invent a language that was secret to me, but I think there is still the possibility of other intelligent consumers if I happened to teach them. And I am still not quite sure whether older-me is me or whether we should consider them to be different — but we digress.

By the way I think I digress too much. This is certainly a fault in my writing. Do I think I should be indulging my faults in this blog? I am certain that expanding my freedom in this format would be helpful, but I might not want to relax my made-up, idiosyncratic, personal standards. I write columns for this newspaper, and it’s interesting to see how I phrase things differently when I’m addressing “the public” in an effort to influence their thought and spread my memes; and when I am interested in expressing some of the mystery and emotion I feel as a human being. So I am unsure where that fits in with writing fiction. What should be things I excise from my practice of this craft, and what are interesting variational schemes that I should be cultivating in order to enrich my thought process and output? I am bad at editing, I feel, and now Mark, you, Mark, the only person with a link to this blog, invented rule #3. So I shall neglect my editing skills a little bit more.

Back to structure.

(to be continued)

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